What life is like in Rowanfield today

Rowanfield is a neighbourhood in Cheltenham, England. The area is primarily a social housing estate, with many Wimpey no-fines houses and low-rise flats. The district is characterized by a school, and is separated from other parts of Cheltenham by the Hesters Way and Rowanfield Road. There are a number of public parks in Rowanfield, and residents are generally friendly.

As of 2006, 87 Rowanfield Road is the oldest home in the area. It was originally an orchard. The estate’s roads are named after southern English counties. A small park with swings and a roundabout used to be located on the property. Today, it is used as an art studio, but the garden area is still suitable for use as a family annexe. The district is close to the Cheltenham Spa Railway Station.

A private park can be found in the area. The city centre is about a mile away. In addition to park benches, there is a playground and a swimming pool. Those who live in the area will find the area easy to walk to and find places to eat. The community is home to several parks and recreation centres. There is also a supermarket and a post office. The main street in Rowanfield is called St Mark’s Avenue.

There are a number of museums in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. You can view an old map of Rowanfield and other locations in the city. This map of the area is digitally stitched together from old Ordnance Survey maps. It shows the land’s natural features before modernisation. These maps are available in a range of products, including prints, framed or mounted versions, and even canvas prints.