The History of St. Pauls in Cheltenham

The area of St. Pauls in Cheltenham takes its name from the large church that sits at its heart. This district is largely residential and consists of red-brick artisan housing, built in the early 19th century. The area is within walking distance of the town centre, and is home to around 5,500 residents. In addition to the large St.Pauls Church, this neighborhood is also home to many historic stuccoed houses that were built in the 1830s.

A man was stabbed early on New Year’s Day, and was taken to hospital for treatment. The police are asking for witnesses to come forward and provide information about the incident. The stabbing occurred on Brunswick Street, St. Pauls in Cheltenham, and four people have been arrested. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at 101. The crime is still ongoing, but the victims of the stabbing are now in hospital.

Residents of St. Pauls in Cheltenham say they are concerned about the increase in antisocial behaviour and crime in the area. A recent survey showed that the area is undergoing a significant amount of blight. The street is full of graffiti, while some residents are complaining of noisy music coming from the nearby schools. A short list of complaints includes boy racers, narrow pavements, and air pollution.