Prescott Speed Hill Climb going strong after almost 80 years

The Prescott Estate has been hosting annual  speed hill climb s for nearly 80 years. Every year it has a full schedule of events from April to October, Highlights of this season so far have been the British and Midland Championships 27th/28th April,  Le Vie en Bleu 1st/2nd June and  Midsummer Speedfest  29th/30th June.

Still to come we have  Vintage Sports Car Club Weekend 3rd/4th August,  British and Midlands Championship Weekend 31st Aug/1st Sept and finally to round the season off The Autumn Classic 5th/6th October.

Speed Hill Climbing is one of the oldest forms of motorsport. It started almost as soon as there were vehicles to race.  The sport follows a very simple format which hasn’t changed since its inception; all vehicles are timed from point A to point B from a standing start. In 1947 the RAC formalised speed hill climbing in the UK with the start of the British Hill climb Championship (the first such championship in British Motorsport) and the championship is still going strong to this day.

The 1127 yard course rises over 200 feet via short straights, fast and slow corners and a breathtaking hairpin, with the fastest modern racing cars completing the course in an exciting 36 seconds. The layout of the course makes it ideal for spectators with plenty of vantage points.


The organisers also run driving schools and Corporate Days all year round.

We often get guests at the B&B that are planning to go to the Hill Climbs, One year we had a car park full of Morgans. This sport has a personal fascination for me as my father used to compete in the late 60′s. When I was researching this piece I clicked on the list of record holders and found the name of one of my father’s oldest friends- Dave Franklin, holder of the record in 1974.