Hesters Way – A Neighbourhood Built on Values

Hesters Way is a residential area in Cheltenham. The area consists of a number of small and large estates. The property values in this part of the city are generally high, with prices ranging from £500,000 to £1,050,000. The surrounding areas include Springbank, Arle, Rowanfield, Alstone, Fiddlers Green, and some parts of St Peter’s and Moors.

Hesters Way is an area of the city that is a popular residential area. The residential property in this area is surrounded by green space and the town center. Aside from being a residential area, Hesters Way also has shops, restaurants, and other places of interest. Its proximity to the historic centre of Cheltenham makes it a great place to walk to for a morning coffee.

A Way With Words is a cross-arts, intergenerational community project that celebrates the lives of individuals in Hesters Way in Cheltenham. The local residents will be Story Providers, Story Collectors, and Story Tellers for this project. Creative making sessions will take place throughout the summer, and the final performance will be held at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

A neighbourhood project was set up in 1995 to investigate the problems in Hesters Way. The borough council commissioned consultants to assess the problems in this area and consult with residents and agencies. The resulting report, entitled Hesters Way: A Community Development Plan For the West End of Cheltenham, was created by PiEDA (Project for Economic and Sustainable Development Associates), which recommended the establishment of a resource centre in the area.