Day to day living in Whadden, Cheltenham

Whaddon in Cheltenham is a suburb of the city. It consists of council housing from the 1940s, mainly on the Lynworth council estate. This area is located less than a mile from the town centre. Despite its proximity to the town centre, Whaddon offers a more residential atmosphere than its neighbours. This is especially true if you’re considering moving to the area.

The town of Whaddon is situated in the county of Gloucestershire, and it contains a number of large, residential areas. The Whaddon Road area is located near Cheltenham Station, and is about a half-hour walk from the station. You can reach the Whaddon Road ground by exiting the station at Queen’s Road, where you’ll find McDonald’s. Continue on to Lansdown, which becomes Montpellier Walk, and then turn left.

Residents of Whaddon will likely be familiar with the town’s public library. Many of them are residents, but the Whaddon Road library is a good place to look for a public library. There’s an ATM at the Cheltenham railway station, and many nearby stores and restaurants. You can also find a pharmacy in Whaddon Road. The area is well-served by bus services, and the train station is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Whaddon Road has a capacity of 7,000 and seating for 3,912 fans. It is home to Cheltenham Town FC. The stadium was renamed the Abbey Business Stadium in April 2009, following a sponsorship deal with Abbey Business Equipment. The Carlsberg Stand is the only all-seater stand behind the goal. The ground is a short walk from the station. For visitors, there’s the Robin’s Nest, a small pub in Whaddon.